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ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition; Las Vegas
Calendar: Global
11th March 2013 to 14th March 2013 03:00 PM to 11:00 PM
* This event ignores DST
* This event was posted for time zone (GMT +10:00) Eastern Australia, Guam, Vladivostok so it will appear to occur on a different day on your calendar.
ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition
March 12-15, 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
Costing Clinical Research; Edinburgh
Calendar: Global
12th March 2013
Scenario Based Learning Day: Costing Clinical Research

Designed for those responsible for costing commercial clinical research, do you want:
…confidence in your approach?
… to always accurately cover your real costs?
…to consistently negotiate sufficient budget that fully reimburses your true costs?
Yes? Then this scenario based learning day is designed for you.

This highly interactive day will enable you to examine and work through costing in detail, and get insider tips and tools to ensure confidence in your approach. You will return to your trust with the ability to assess whether your costings are:
• Transparent: follows activity schedules correctly
• Comprehensive: accurately captures all additional activity
• Robust: with agreed costs for procedures and in line with guideline timings
• Reflective of actual NHS costs

See the full programme for Costing Clinical Research

How will the day work in practice?

As an attendee, you will build up budgets from hypothetical protocols using the costing template. Throughout the day delegates will have the opportunity to work through the industry template and cost out protocols for both a drug study as well as a device study. Through scenario based learning you will learn how to engage and negotiate with industry sponsors on these hypothetical protocols.

This interactive day is idea for:

Clinical research managers: responsible for managing the overall budgets and finances
Finance managers and accountants: responsible for analysing funding and costing models
Trial co-ordinators: responsible for gathering costs and inputting figures for clinical trials
Book your place at Costing Clinical Research now

We know that budgets are tighter than ever, but this interactive, one day event will help you to become an expert in spotting the little things that could end up costing your site money - can you afford to miss out?
Diabetes UK Professional Conference
Calendar: Global
12th March 2013 to 14th March 2013 03:00 PM to 11:00 PM
* This event ignores DST
* This event was posted for time zone (GMT +10:00) Eastern Australia, Guam, Vladivostok so it will appear to occur on a different day on your calendar.

The final draft programme is now available to view. Download the programme from the link in the blue 'downloads box' on the right hand side of this page. There are also print-friendly PDF versions of the programme by day to download to attach to study leave applications. All topics and timings are subject to change.

The theme for the 2013 Professional Conference is 'The future of diabetes: putting evidence into practice'. The conference continues with its strong basic and clinical science focus with symposia and workshops delivered by over 100 speakers looking at all aspects of diabetes care - clinical, psychologoical, inpatient, paediatric and primary care.

You can also use the interactive programme including speaker biogrpahies here and delegates can plan their day further by medical speciality here.

2013 Programme highlights include:
Opening plenary session on diabetes and depression
Our prestigious Named Lectures
Rank Nutrition Lecture
Three ‘meet the professor’ sessions – your chance to meet one of our Named Lectures and local professionals at the top of their field
New for 2013 – a practical workshop track looking at the psycho-social aspects of diabetes, insulin and a re-vamped carbohydrate counting session (no pre-booking is required)
Plenary session on stem cells and islet cells
Two hot topics sessions
Dedicated two day programme for basic and clinical science (programme can be viewed here)
Facilitated poster award sessions in the purpose built Arena
Closing plenary session on micro vascular disease
The programme was devised by the Conference Organising Committee - their profiles can be found here.
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