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Welcome to the Podiatry Arena forums, for communication between foot health professionals about podiatry and related topics.

You are currently viewing our podiatry forum as a guest which gives you limited access to view all podiatry discussions and access our other features. By joining our free global community of Podiatrists and other interested foot health care professionals you will have access to post podiatry topics (answer and ask questions), communicate privately with other members (PM), upload content, view attachments, receive a weekly email update of new discussions, earn CPD points and access many other special features. Registered users do not get displayed the advertisments in posted messages. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our global Podiatry community today!

If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us.

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Register as a member

Registering as a member has many advantages:

1. You get rid of that annoying please register message on each page.

2. You get rid of the annoying advertisments in the first message of each thread.

3. You can not post or reply to messages unless you are registered.

4. Once registered, you can email or send PM's (private messages) to other members.

5. There is much more functionality available to registered users to read and browse messages.

6. You can check for new posts each time you log in.

7. Attachments (pictures and pdf files) can only be viewed by registered members.

8. If you don't want to check back in regularly, we periodically send a newsletter with updates of threads to all registered users so you can choose if there is something of interest to you (you can easily opt out of this if you do not want it).

9. If you have a particular special interest (eg Diabetes, Pediatrics, etc) it is possible to subscribe to any one or more of the sub forums (eg Diabetes, Pediatrics, etc) to recieve an email whenever a new thread in the sub forum is started.

10. You can earn Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points for your participation that are accepted by many regulatory authorities. More information on this here.

To register, click here.

Set up your profile

You can access your profile by clicking on the UserCP or My Account on the top navigation bar of most pages after you have logged in. From here you can manage your account.

If all the boxes are completed in your profile (to tell the community more about yourself), then you earn CPD points for this.

In your profile fill in your location and your country flag. These will show up in the top right of any message you post (its always helpful to know this as podiatry is practiced worldwide, but the scopes of practice, level of understanding and the level of training does vary from country to country).

Add an avatar. A avatar is a picture that appears in your messages that you think best characterises you (it could even be your picture!). There are many places to find an avatar. This is one site or you could search Google for one.

Add a signature that gets added to each message you post. In your signature, you can also include a link to your location on our member map.

Also in your profile, you can add your city code to get your weather!

Check for new posts when you visit
This is one of the key advantages of being a registered member and logging in. The link in the top navigation bar and in your welcome panel has a link to all the new posts since your last visit. By clicking New Posts you can quickly see whats been posted and what is new since your last visit.

Use the search and tags functions

There are several ways Podiatry Arena helps you find what you are looking for:

1. On the top navigation bar is the drop down box to search posts for keywords.

2. Also on the same drop down box is the link for the advanced search in which a more refined search can be made.

3. When a new post is made, Podiatry Arena staff attempt to respond with a list and links to all other threads on related topics.

4. Podiatry Arena has also implemented a system in which each message is tagged with certain keyword(s). These tags can browsed be found here or searched here.

5. At the bottom of each thread, the software also automatically selects 'Similar Threads', but is not as aways as good as it can be on some occasions.

6. We have resource pages that are another useful way of organising the content here.

Be welcoming to the newbies

The first post in any forum is always the hardest. Become a strong part of the Podiatry Arena community and make the newbies very welcome. There is a special Introductions Forum that we encourage everyone to stop by to introduce themselves and also make others feel welcome (especially if you have some sort of connection with the newbie). Try and point out any threads you know of that may be relevant to their area and their interests.

We will soon be setting up a special welcoming committee to make the welcomes

Anonymous posters

Podiatry Arena has no problems with posters being anonymous and there is no rule against it. People are free to post as themselves or under a pseudonym - it is your choice (except that multiple accounts are not permitted and we can track IP addresses to monitor this).

However, please keep in mind that a number of posters do not respond to messages by anonymous posters, so even though you may use a pseudonym, consider signing your name.

If you are trying to argue a point, your case will be considered stronger if you identify yourself.

The rules and frequently asked questions

Every form of human interaction needs some sort of guideance to ensure everything runs smoothy. What gets posted at Podiatry Arena also needs some control as well. To ensure that the users experience of Podiatry Arena is a positive one, we have some guidelines (sometimes called 'Rules') to guide the interactions and the content of messages. Members agree to these rules when they join.

If you have any trouble finding your way around, want to know more about how to use the forum or are just plain confused, then there is a frequently asked questions (FAQ's) link in the navigation bar at the bottom of each page.

How to help us make Podiatry Arena better

How can you help make Podiatry Arena better?. The more people that post messages, the more information and help that will be here for you, so help us get more people posting.

Tell your friends and colleagues about Podiatry Arena - encourage them to contribute.

If you have a website, put a link on your site to us so more people can get to know about us.

If you are a teacher, tell your students about Podiatry Arena and use it in your teaching

Add us to your MySpace or Facebook

How to get involved

Please join us in further developing the Podiatry Arena community.

To get involved, post messages; ask questions; answer questions; add comments (constructive ones). If you are not sure of how to use the forum, check the forum use FAQ's.

If you have not done so yet, introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum; if you have done so, stop by to welcome others.

Add your location; a signature; a avatar; etc to your profile. Just click on My Account on the top navigation bar. There is more information here on how to edit your profile. You earn CPD Points if your profile is complete. See here

Add your location to the Googlemap, so users know where you come from.

How to support us

A site like this costs money to run. These costs include the increasing bandwidth costs, the hosting service, registration of the domain, ongoing maintenance, site development and software licensing fees. We try to cover these costs with advertising and want to spend more on promoting Podiatry Arena to bring in more users (which in turn means more messages get posted, making the site more useful to the user). This does not include the extraordinary amount of time and effort put in by the volunteers that run the place.

There are several ways that you can help support us financially:

1. We get a commission whenever you click on one of our Amazon links and purchase from them. We also get a commision when you go to eBay and end up winning an auction (however, you need to click on one of our links to get to eBay first before bidding.

2. We have a shop that you can buy some interesting products from.

3. Encourage advertisers to sign up with us and use their products (and tell them you noticed they advertised here).

4. Probably the most important way is to buy Admin a beer, just to say thank you for all the effort. This beer will be shared with other staff and regular posters (and you can claim it as a business expense - it is invoiced as purchasing services from Podiatry Arena

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Points

At Podiatry Arena you can earn CPD Points for your participantion in the community that can be converted for a small fee to a CPD certificate that is accepted by many regulatory authorities areound the world.

More information on how this works can be found here.

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