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Default Re: Ponseti Method for clubfoot

A review of the Ponseti method and development of an infant clubfoot program in Vietnam.
Evans AM, Van Thanh D.
J Am Podiatr Med Assoc. 2009 Jul-Aug;99(4):306-16.
BACKGROUND: The Feet for Walking clubfoot project from Australia formally introduced the Ponseti technique in Vietnam in 2004 and is based at the Da Nang Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Centre in central Vietnam.

METHODS: We provide an initial overview of the management of infant clubfoot deformity using the nonsurgical Ponseti method.

RESULTS: Early indicators of the outcome of implementing this clubfoot project are largely positive but also require ongoing review. Further analyses of the use of the Ponseti method (or obstacles preventing the same) following training of personnel is underway.

CONCLUSIONS: Recent research has improved and refined the technique that must now be both appreciated and incorporated by clinicians. This technique is used across the world in both developed and developing countries and is universally regarded as the best management method for clubfoot deformities.
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