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Good to hear from you.
With a politically correct happy holidays to everyone. best wishes for the new year

I know this off-topic, but I have been watching Fox News lately (...yes I know its more to the right), but I can't get over some of what I am seeng:
* baning of nativity scenes by some government agencies
* christmas not being celebrated by some schools
* all the litigation surrounding the political correctness of christmas
* a teacher allegedly suspended for talking about god in the context of the declaration of independance...

Talk about political correctness gone nuts!

I do enjoy the Bill "no spin zone" O'Rielly show - mainly cause he drives liberals nuts! and I love the way they go back at him - but, did you read this critics attack on O'Reilly's stand on Christmas Under Seige ?

Also, this from WorldNetDaily:
In Seattle, a King County executive named Ron Sims sent out a memo to county employees asking them not to say "Merry Christmas" and to be "religion neutral." Sims was mocked and scorned even in that permissive city. The memo was filed under "stunningly foolish."

The Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association ordered religious ornaments banned for the state "holiday" tree.

A Frederick County, Md., school employee was prohibited from handing out Christmas cards on a public-school campus.

Santa Claus was banned by the Kensington, Md., town council because of two complaints that ol' Saint Nick would offend some citizens at a tree-lighting ceremony. Santa showed up anyway, presumably with his lawyer – an elf named "Swifty."

Red poinsettias were banned from the Ramsey Court House in St. Paul, Minn., because they offended one person who believes the flowers to be a symbol of Christianity.

Elementary school principal Sandy Niemiera announced to startled Plainfield, Ill., students that all holiday celebrations would be banned because of "diversity" concerns.

And in Maine, one school district has banned Christmas trees because some cultures don't believe in them.
God bless the USA :)
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