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G'day Craig
Something that does not seem to have been raised is that the device modifies the timing of motion/loading in pedal joints. Given the complexity of foot function, a small alteration in the timing of the application of a force, irrespective of its magnitude, has the potetnial to allow the structure to more readily accept that force.
Certainly the move to a holistic approach of foot disorder Mx has had demonstrable benefits- i can recall a case presentation of a young athlete with chronic medial tibial stress syndrome- her pedal mechanics appeared to be well controlled with orthoses yet she still had significant pain. When a Physio assessed her, she demonstrated significant low back and pelvic instability. The introduction of a programme aimed at improving her core stability subsequently completely resolved her symptoms- thus perhaps we are still too obsessed with the foot as the root (no pun intended) of all evil when it comes to lower limb pathology.
Certainly, as has been raised a number of times, we are in (or at least coming to) a position of widely questioning the biomechanical models we studied at uni an hence we are in the process of becoming a true science rather than an art.
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