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Default Re: Anyone following the MMR vaccine and Autism debate?

I wrote a paper (not for publication) on Wakefields study a few years ago when I was studying Infection Control. His sample was not a cross section of the population, the children he studied were his own patients and were being treated for bowel problems. The sample size, if I remember correctly, was about 38. A study in Finland followed up ALL their children who had the MMR vaccine, and found no link between MMR and autism - a sample size of 3 MILLION! Wakefield's study was, for various reasons, one of the most flawed pieces of research I've ever read. As far as legal action goes, maybe parents of children with measles should be sueing Wakefield and The Lancet - remember that measles isn't just spots and a fever, it can and does cause blindness, brain damage, even death.

The biggest surprise is that this supposedly peer reviewed study was published at all - it's not easy getting published in The Lancet!
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