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Default Re: Foot othoses and cycling

Dear All,

I thought I'd ask my question in this thread rather than start a new one. I am a former GB track cyclist that has just completed a BSc sports Rehabilitation degree at Middlesex University in the UK. Now that I'm back in the real world, I am looking to do some work with bike fit combined with corrective exercise for injury treatment and prevention. I have been reading with interest all of the cycling related threads on this forum and related journals but I have a question regarding the rationale behind cleat wedges and forefoot insole wedges. Obviously my degree only skimmed the surface of knowledge on the foot so please forgive me if I am asking a stupid question.

As I understand it, a forefoot varus causes the STJ to pronate during the power stroke and therefore the knee to move medially. Therefore, I can understand that putting a forefoot valgus wedge under the insole would support the forefoot and not let it collapse and maintain the STJ in relative neutral. However, wouldn't a valgus wedge under the cleat affect the angle of the entire sole of the shoe? While reducing the collapse of the forefoot, wouldn't in also move the STJ into a degree of supination?

I humbly bow to your superior knowledge in these matters.


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