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Default Cycling and foot orthoses

dear kevin et al. At last a subject to get on with. like your original poster i too am (was ) a keen cyclist. Have never tried custom orthoses for cycling but please consider.

1) cycling biomechanics vastly different from walking running (forefoot is almost exclusively loaded during pedalling)
2) STJ is tri-planar (the big assume re root etc being already discussed elsewhere) so orthoses may work .I have tried the "body geometry" shoes by Specialised which have a soft EVA contoured footbed plus a posted outsole (must work for everybody then!) these seem ore comfy than most cycling shoes but can't say why. consider then that the "normal" base of gait (5-15cm?) is more narrow that the foot spacing (Called "Q-factor" in cycling parlance i believe) may have some influence on pedalling efficiency (this debate seems to come & go in cycling, like most things). So you may be able to improve your pedalling biomechanincs by altering such factors as bottom bracket axle length, pedal axle length, crank length, also posting between pedal & pedal cleat interface. Lake & Shimano both make cycling footwear with heat mouldable carbon outsoles. rest assured whatever is to be tried will largely be individual to the competitor(s) and v.expensive. i have tried using "lo Q" axle/ pedal set-ups and this FEELS better but not being a competitive cyclist, i couldn't say if it translates to faster times (a few other track & time trial cyclists have these set ups i THINK but if it gives them an edge the're unlikely to shout about it). None of this replaces good physical conditionig of course, & usually becomes apparent when the riding is largely done in single position ( As opposed to road racing over hilly terrain or MTBing where much out the saddle is involved). Best of luck!


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