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Default Re: London - Olympics 2012

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I'm not excited. This is yet another metrocentricity scam. The black hole that is London is getting vast amounts of British tax payers money to run this London junket for which new facilities (such as the aqua centre) are being built when perfectly good facilities already exist elsewhere. If no-one had noticed, we're in a bit of fiscal downturn in the UK at the moment and can ill afford this stuff. So London local taxpayers will get all their money back via visitor's spending but the average mug in the rest of the country will not. When it is all over - well look, lo and behold, London will have spanking new housing (from the athlete's village), wonderful new sporting facilities and a superb new infra structure. Why is this important to the remainder of the population of the UK? It is, you know, so that we can go and spend our hard earned readies on London facilities, London transport, London food, London Hotels, London pubs (the beer is by and large foul), London clubs and even London Ladies of The Night (for those who are so inclined).

As I say, another London scam to the detriment of the rest of the country, and before anyone says that other areas will get some benefit, well, that's just crumbs from the rich man's table.;

Only half in jest

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