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Default Re: London - Olympics 2012

Thanks, you make my point for me.

".....a pretty good legacy (maybe not in sporting terms but def in infrasturcture and design)".

However, it will actually be a pretty good sporting legacy - a huge arena to begin with to attract more people to London where, as I say, they will spend their money. So whilst the rest of the country suffers from unemployment, rising taxes (part going to the games), and an economic downturn, London just gets more and more and more.

Very nice for you. Go and stuff your pockets along with Ian but try to understand that there is still one year to go and the constant re-iteration of London, London, London from the London based media becomes tedious, not to say irritating.

Try Twenty Twelve on BBC2. That is a tremendously witty satire on the whole nonsense. Incredibly, at least two of the situations came true, long after the material was written.
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