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Default Re: London - Olympics 2012

Originally Posted by Kevin Kirby View Post
Maybe in some distant you can be a little less envious of the great city of London...they will have a Warwickshire Olympics......then you can stuff your pockets also.....
Interestingly, we have the Cotswold Olympics not very far away. These pre-date the modern Olympics by many a long year - but I digress. It's interesting that you should presume to think that I am envious of London, since you don't know me at all.

I do recall that you had the Olympics in California some years ago. It should, of course, according to you, have been held in Washington!

This light hearted banter is now becoming as tedious as the blasted 2012 Olympics, so I trust that you will forgive me if I bow out.

All the best

Bill Liggins

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