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Default Re: London - Olympics 2012

Originally Posted by timharmey View Post
I was reading an article in the observer about Lawrence Okoye Who is the World under 23 year old discus record holder from good old Croydon, there is a picture of him throwing and before he has released the discus his back foot is off the ground .This cant help ,or maybe it does ? I have never looked in to the mechanics of throwing , would imagine you drive of your leg and having your foot of the ground before you release would hinder rather than help.As for the rugby I would love to see England do well but cant see them winning .Maybe if we lent the Aussies our front row we could give the All Blacks a tight game?
Discus athletes don't stand in one place to throw the discus. They basically spin in a tight 540 degree circle to gain more momentum and, at the instant of the throw, they are at their fastest spinning velocity. Since spinning is like running around in tight circles, you certainly wouldn't ask why Usain Bolt's feet are off the ground when we wins the 100 m dash, would you?



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