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Default Re: "Tackling the 10 Myths of Barefoot Running"

Originally Posted by Ian G View Post
Hi Blaise,

I just read this entry on your blog and have a few references I'd like if possible please:

1. The references that more minimalist shoes improve performance (assumed from your contention that runners should only wear PECH shoes if they are not interested in improving performance)

2. The reference that backs up your claim that less than 11% of the running population should wear PECH shoes, the rest should be in minimal shoes.

Thanks in advance

been waiting for the response that has not come Ian... not really surprising. just been listening to one of his podcasts wiith an Aussie physio.. amongst other things he says
  • treadmill running does not change biomechanics
    video is not needed to assess running gait.. it can all be done by eye and a biomechanical assessment takes 10 minutes
    barefoot technique is the gold standard
increased vertical loading rate, increased braking forces, increased vertical displacement and increased heel strike ALL come from shoes
shoes cause heel striking
80% of people running barefoot run midfoot and forefoot.. (a position directly challenged by 2 recent studies)
if you heel strike in shoes, the body is not able to protect from injury.. gosh I wonder what happened to passive and active shock attenuation mechanisms.. and leg stiffness.. and proprioception, which, contrary to popular opinion, still happens even in the shod state???
finally.. the best way to run safely is to run barefoot.. although he does acknowledge that this is not always practical..

I gave up about 15 minutes into the hour long podcast unfortunately..