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Default Re: "Tackling the 10 Myths of Barefoot Running"

Nah.. sorry Blaise.. I am in the USA and Canada telling the truth about running and running shoes.... in a lot of public debates, including in Quebec. No exile for this little black duck! Time to give the Quebecoise a more balanced view than they have had recently from you. You will, as you were in Austin, be widely scrutinised for your inaccurate and biased comments! The bull****ometer is warming up as we speak!

ps.. I am not the ASICS Global Research Coordinator nor have I ever been pro.. or anti barefoot.. nor am I a maximalist.. (can't you read Blaise?? I outlined my beliefs.. all of which you apparently agreed with, on this thread very recently..see 8th March.. have you changed your mind???)I am just interested in a case by case approach to my patients, not a one size for all as you propose.. facts mate.. work with facts!

Originally Posted by Blaise Dubois View Post
Hope you will be there

The Great Running Shoe Debate- Melbourne 7:30pm Friday March 23

Panel Members:
Dr Craig Richards (doctor, running shoe industry critic, barefoot running advocate)
Craig Payne (podiatrist, barefoot running industry critic)
Blaise Dubois (physiotherapist, international speaker, minimalist running shoe advocate)

The fourth chair is reserved for Simon Bartold (Podiatrist, ASICS's Global Research Co-ordinator, former barefoot advocate turned maximalist) should he emerge from his self-imposed exile from public debate to join us on the night.