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Default Re: "Tackling the 10 Myths of Barefoot Running"

Originally Posted by toomoon View Post
Dr. Kirby.. you are way smarter than me, so can you explain to me why DuBois , in his posters, is recommending PECH shoes (whatever they are) for athletes when they get a foot or achilles tendon injury??
One of the main premises of his "teachings" is that barefoot and minimalism is the gold standard.. so if this were the case.. why would you recommend PECH shoes (whatever they are...)
he is on public record saying
"increased vertical loading rate, increased braking forces, increased vertical displacement and increased heel strike ALL come from shoes

shoes cause heel striking

80% of people running barefoot run midfoot and forefoot..

if you heel strike in shoes, the body is not able to protect from injury..

the best way to run safely is to run barefoot"

but then says.. "if you get injured , go back to PECH shoes"..whatever the hell they are..

Me no understand. do you have a solution?

I think you and I are too old to understand this "new knowledge". I mean we actually had 8 track tape players in our cars, had most of our music on vinyl, thought the IBM Selectric typewriter was "advanced technology" and ran races with racing flats that are now, for some reason, called "minimalist shoes".

However, Blaise seems to be a nice guy to me but obviously you two seem to butting heads lately. I've never met him.

I think my beliefs are much more in line with yours Simon, but certainly also realize that there is much room for change in the running shoe industry. If you do make it out to Sacramento for a visit (I'll be in Belgium and Amsterdam for two weeks starting next week), then maybe I'll buy you a beer and we can come up with a better chart to compete with the chart that Blaise made up so runners can get running shoes in a manner that is not so "aberrant".


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