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Default Re: "Tackling the 10 Myths of Barefoot Running"

Originally Posted by Blaise Dubois View Post
Hi keven,
I personally think that you will have more credibility to make a chart by yourself than doing it with Simon. He is a great guy... we took a beer together and he was very cool and we had fun together around a beer... But to my eyes, he is so biased than he bull*** everybody having no scientific background (like retailer), by misusing and misrepresenting science for business purposes... the video I comment was a very good example.

I feel great with grey zone... with debate... with people thinking in another way than me... NOT with lies in the purpose to sale something.

Thanks for sending me the Runner's World Shoe Finder shoe selection chart. When comparing the shoe selection chart from Runner's World to your chart, I really don't like either of them but I have fewer problems with the Runner's World chart. In other words, I like the Runner's World Shoe Finder better than your chart.

I don't believe that people who self-select to rearfoot strike while running should be encouraged to not rearfoot strike. In addition, I certainly don't believe that barefoot running is "the default" running style. Finally, I don't believe that running shoes with thinner soles and lower heel height differential are better running shoes for the majority of runners. In my 27 years of treating thousands of runners, I have found that the vast majority of runners do quite well in more traditional running shoe designs, as long as the shoe is appropriate for them.

As for Simon Bartold, we first met during one of my first international lectures in New Zealand about 20 years ago. Since then we have lectured together on quite a few occasions and he even played guitar while I sang a Beatles song at our last international conference together.

Simon and I are very good friends and I consider him as one of the smartest sports podiatrists that I know in the world at this time. It will be very difficult for you to convince me that this man that I have known for two decades has anything but the best interest of the running public in mind when he lectures on shoe design and shoe biomechanics. I have never seen him get upset at anyone at any of his lectures but from what I have seen from you so far, you seem to be very good at irritating him.

Therefore, Blaise, I suggest that you give Simon the respect he deserves and he has earned since, as far as I know, you simply don't have the credentials or knowledge that he has gained from his years of clinical experience as a sports podiatrist and his years of work in the biomechanics of running and of athletic shoe design.

Maybe you two can start over again and both respect the fact that you each have opinions that you can agree on and some that you may strongly disagree with. I hope that all of our common goals are to make runners run with less injury, run with more comfort and run with more pleasure by helping them select the best shoes for their own particular running needs.

Let's see if we can all be a little more productive by trying to find some common ground together so that the discussion can be more educational and less antagonistic.


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