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Default Re: "Tackling the 10 Myths of Barefoot Running"

Nick.. ya'all ever heard the term" you do the crime .. you do the time"?

You did the crime man..

Originally Posted by nickcampi View Post
I tried discussing scientific literature and was accused of cherry picking.*

I just want to debate about form and running not shoe companies. Others brought it into this discussion, not me.*
no you do not.. you specifically said
"What I find humorous is what some "shoe companies" have done. They either believe that there is a place for forefoot/midfoot striking, or they have only added a category of shoes strictly to fill a market niche. This is obvious to both the medical and non-medical professionals. It is clearly seen with the Asics 33. It was created to "work with the foot, and not against it" yet they believe in motion control and not motion enhancement. Why did it take 30 some years for this product to be created if they are research based? Was it created to compete in a market where other similar shoes are being created or was it created to help the runner?

Now.. when you call out specific product, from a specific company, then you speculate and assume you know the MO for that better know what the hell what you are talking about and get your facts straight. This you did not do, in fact you got you facts the complete wrong way around.

Let me be clear.. I work as the International Research Consultant to the Global body of the ASICS Corporation. I get very well paid to do this, and it is my job to have a pretty fair idea of what I am talking about. Some may disagree that this is the case, and that is fine by me!

I Plan and oversee all their medical reseach programs, which are based in Universities all over the world, including Staffordshire University in the UK, MIT in Boston USA, Melbourne University, University of South Australia, University of Woolongong, University of Sydney and Australian Institue of Sport, all in Australia.
We research medical, biomechanical and physiological aspects of gait and its implications Nick.

We publish our research in the public domain in high-impact, peer reviewed journals for all to see.
We try very hard, and spend inordinate amounts of money to try to understand what makes footwear safer for the athlete.

We listen to what is happening around us, we pay attention to trends, and we are aware of what other companies are doing. What we DO NOT Do is react to trends unless there is rock solid scientific evidence that points us in that direction. We are a science based company, and that will not change as long as I work here.
We do not pretend to have the answers, but we sure as hell are asking the questions and putting our money where our mouth is.

I work long hours, get exhausted travelling, miss my family horribly, and work with a bunch of dedicated, selfless individuals who have similar values and aspirations as me, and have a genuine desire to help athletes perform better in the safest environment we can provide, based on the best available science of the day.

It is therefore personally insulting to have the likes of you deciding on a scientific forum that it is OK to promote your product and (inaccurately) decide it is ok to rubbish a competitor.

That is very unprofessional, and I most certainly did not engage you or goad you in any way to behave in this manner.

An apology is traditional, but that is up to you.

I would encourage you to step out from behind the certain that has been provided for you, and engage in academic discussions on the technical aspects of athletic footwear. Be open and honest about the problems and challenges that you face in your position with Vibram, as I most certainly am prepared to be in my role with ASICS. If we keep the companies out of it, which have absolutely no place on podiatry area, we may be able to offer something of value to our peers, and they may like to contribute their vast knowlege bank, something I personally rely on.

I for one never tire of these discussion, and I have many friends from many of the athletic footwear companies.
Of course we do not always agree, but, unlike you, we respect each others opinions, and I believe I have learned an enormous amount through their generosity and unbeleivable knowlege.

Once you settle down, and lose you campany hat, you might like to join us.
I don't know you, but I am more than happy to sit down with you any time you like and discuss the issues swirling around us and what we can do to make the world safer for people who wish to play sport.

I like red wine (no.. I LOVE it), I like to run quite slowly and with terrible form, I like to play rock and roll loud and badly on one of my many guitars, have two Boston Terriers named Ono and Peanut and am a Scorpio. What about you?
I am in the USA for 10 weeks and happy to meet with you should you wish