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Default Re: "Tackling the 10 Myths of Barefoot Running"

[quote=Kevin Kirby;252828]

get excited to run "naturally" like our ancestors did, while barefoot.

This is my absolute, absolute favorite of the minmalist arguments. I wonder if Lieberman has the same mental image of a Neanderthal running as I do. Call me weird, but I do not think Og was too worried about his form.
I wonder if they realise that no caveman or cavewoman for that matter ever lived past 40 years, and that all that barefoot s*it probably injured them, causing them to hobble severly and probably get eaten by a sabre toothed tiger. Can't you just picture the beasts talking to each other.. " hey Floyd.. look at that one.. he's been runnin' and now he's limping.. lets cut him outta the tribe.. looks like goooood eatin"