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Default Re: There is no barefoot running debate

...and they wonder why they get ridiculed so much!
Originally Posted by Craig Payne View Post
As I have repeatedly said in numerous posts in numerous threads, I have nothing against barefoot running what I object to is the misuse, misrepresentation, misquoting and misinterpretation of the science.... That is where the debate is. It is not about if barefoot running is good or not, it is about the way the science is being used. I always go where the evidence and science takes me.
In my alerts this AM was a blog post from Barefoot Running University: Is Barefoot and Minimalist Running Supported by Research? in which they list a lot of research (its actually a good list) and conclude:
The sheer volume of this list would seem to suggest that science definitely supports barefoot and minimalist shoe running.
....when in reality not a single one of the studies they listed actually supports it Why do they get it so wrong? What is it that they see in those studies that says barefoot/minimalist is better than traditional shoe wearing? Why do they continually misuse, misrepresent, misquote and misinterpret the research?
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