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Default Re: Anyone following the MMR vaccine and Autism debate?

Food for thought

I am aware of Dr Fombonne and Dr Wakefields research and ideas.

I declare a personal interest as my son has autism.

He was different from birth and he did have the MMR made no difference to him at all. But I did decline the second MMR that Dr surgery was pushing hard. I was told at the time that 20% of of children had not developed immunity from vaccine.

In America the label of "autism" attracts all manner of funding for education etc. I believe Dr Fombonne has made this point that autism is over diagnosed in America because of the dollars that follow it

People remember the BSE scandal and don't believe what their governments now say

I for one remain firmly on the fence

I am also aware of a number of children that were completely "normal" before MMR then developed Autism. Anecdotal perhaps but don't forget it is not that long ago that Autism was "caused" by "refrigerator mother syndrome"
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