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Default Re: Masters of Podiatry - advice please?

Originally Posted by Trent Baker View Post
What options are there for a B.App.Sci(pod) who wants to pursue a masters degree? Who can give me the heads up on the best option for part time study?

I was interested to see the University of London link and I know they offer a MSc in Infectious Diseases through their External System and which, I believe, would be very useful for Podiatrists interested in such to take on board.

The MSc (13 subjects or 9 subjects plus a Research Project) includes Biology of Infectious Diseases, Control of Infectious Diseases, Viral Infections, Bacteral Infections, Hospital Infections, Diagnostic Methods, Immunolgy of Infection, Parasitology, and the foundation course Principles of Public Health, Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

A well rounded degree I think! In fact, I for one, am seriously considering undertaking this MSc - a Postgraduate Diploma (4 subjects) is also offered.

Peter Scottney-Turbill
Central Queensland University

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