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Default Re: Ponsetti Method for clubfoot

Early results of the Ponseti method using the Steenbek foot abduction brace: a prospective study of 95 feet.
Bouchoucha S, Smida M, Saïed W, Safi H, Ammar C, Nessib MN, Ghachem MB.
J Pediatr Orthop B. 2008 May;17(3):134-8.
The purpose of this study is to evaluate the early results of the Ponseti method and the effectiveness of the Steenbek foot abduction brace. A total of 74 patients with 110 idiopathic clubfeet were included in this prospective study. The feet were evaluated according to the Dimeglio-Bensahel classification, the Catteral-Pirani classification and the functional classification of the Hospital for Joint Diseases. Ninety-eight feet (89%) had a good result after the casting period. All the feet evaluated after the period of full-time bracing and during the period of part-time bracing showed a good correction. The Ponseti method using the Steenbek foot abduction brace is effective in correcting idiopathic clubfeet.
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