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Originally Posted by PF 3
Great Stuff Kevin. This stuff should be taught at Podiatry school. Maybe it is now?

Have any studies been done comparing person to person? I'm guessing that as long as the pressure plate was accurate enough you could measure the minute changes in GRF as the body adjusted itself from swinging forwards and backwards. Tight rope walker versus an average Joe.
One study actually looked at center of pressure (CoP) movements in single leg stance with and without orthoses. Significant decreases in frontal plane CoP length and velocity with medially posted orthoses were thought to indicate enhanced postural control when subjects stood on the orthoses in single leg stance (Hertel J, Denegar CR, Buckley WE, Sharkey NA, Stokes WL: Effect of rearfoot orthotics on postural control in healthy subjects. J Sport Rehabil, 10:36-47, 2001). Numerous other studies have been done on CoP movement and balance. CoP is not static even during bipedal standing and is almost always maintained anterior to the ankle joint axis and lateral to the subtalar joint axis.

Anyone want to venture a guess why if the CoP is anterior to the ankle joint axis that the CoP will nearly always also be lateral to the STJ axis???


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