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Default Re: Masters of Podiatry - advice please?

Originally Posted by Burris View Post
I always find this topic of Post-Grad study rather interesting. I guess I have two general questions regarding the UniSA coursework study...
1/ At what point is it beneficial to undertake the additional study (ie. Within a couple of years of completing uni...or well and truely after that?) I can see the benefit in both.
2/ Aside from the obvious (additional learning and furthering of knowledge) what benefit will this additional study give me professionally?
I'd really appreciate any feedback...

My 2 cents:

Q1. Do it while the flame burns strong and you have little other family and financial committments.

Q2. At this time, very little. I predict though that as extended scope prescribing activities become widespread across the country, you will need to prove significant medical and pharmacology education - as this generally does not exist in most undergraduate degrees - so you will need the UniSA Master's or equivalent. Drug prescribing will be the most obvious medium to long term benefit.

Keep an eye on the UWA post grad courses though - once they open up to external students I feel they will be the degrees to have (ie the doctorate programs).

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