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Default Re: Masters of Podiatry - advice please?

Originally Posted by LuckyLisfranc View Post

My 2 cents:

Q1. Do it while the flame burns strong and you have little other family and financial committments.

Q2. At this time, very little. I predict though that as extended scope prescribing activities become widespread across the country, you will need to prove significant medical and pharmacology education - as this generally does not exist in most undergraduate degrees - so you will need the UniSA Master's or equivalent. Drug prescribing will be the most obvious medium to long term benefit.

Keep an eye on the UWA post grad courses though - once they open up to external students I feel they will be the degrees to have (ie the doctorate programs).


Thanks very much for the words of advice LL. It's much appreciated. I've been thinking down this track for a while, and think that 09 might just be the year!
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