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Default Re: Masters of Podiatry - advice please?

Originally Posted by malaligned View Post
I have just completed my Master at Uni SA by coursework and found it to be interesting as you have a fair choice in the Podiatry specific subjects from which to choose, some of these require workshop type attendance at the campus for 4-5days.

There are some core subjects that must be completed and you can work at your own pace, so a good experience.I started one year post degree but as I am mature age it was keep going whilst the iron was hot.

Not sure if any immeadiate benefits to my current position but I certainly gained knowledge and developed skills in discussions and essay/ report writing and met more great Podiatry people.
Hi Malaligned... Do you mind me asking how long it took you to complete your Masters at UniSA? And how much time you were contributing to it throughout the semesters? It's always good coming from the horses mouth!
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