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I would venture to suggest that it is not always rear foot motion patterns that are indicative of symptoms anyway....this was Roots idea though. I like the idea put forward by the English guys about forefoot controlling rear foot through muscular responses to pressure changes under foot. Not sure I'm really saying it the way they did....but I think in practice I'm much more concerned with forefoot/first met shaft position and timing/success of hallux dorsiflexion than I am with rear foot position.
I think I see many feet that have trouble that hardly move in the frontal plane at all but are excessive pronators at STJ....I don't try to change the rear foot motion....I try to change first ray function.....which is really about the forefoot and its relationship to the ground.....which of course has a BACKWARD REACHING? influence on the rear foot.
How's that for holistic groping in the dark?
Regards Phill
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