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What's wrong with the Obama healthcare plan?

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Old 22nd March 2010, 01:50 PM
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Default What's wrong with the Obama healthcare plan?

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President Obama's healthcare system is flawed in its basic design.

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Old 23rd March 2010, 11:04 AM
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Default Re: What's wrong with the Obama healthcare plan?

What's wrong?????

Well, I don't have THAT much time, so suffice to say that if you are against government run programs (i.e., more Government takeover of your life) then you are against Government run health care.

Not to be confused with wanting a revamping of the Health INSURANCE industry. I'm all for health care insurance reform, I just don't want the Government controlling ANOTHER aspect of my life.

Between Private insurance, employer health insurance plans, union insurance, state and government job health insurance, medicare, medicaid (and all the various 50 variations of medicaid in each and every state) plus the inability of any hospital receiving any government money to turn patients away, WHO EXACTLY are all these uninsured?????

And if so many cannot afford health insurance (you know, all the zillions that don't have it) why is there so much concern about the inability of the IRS to track down and "punish" those who do not PURCHASE health insurance (under the new Obamacare program???) I thought they couldn't afford it? Which is it? People CHOOSE not to purchase health insurance or they can't afford health insurance. You can't have it both ways.

Those with JOBS already pay dearly for those who do not have health insurance (the BILLIONS that go toward medicaid each and every year) - and FRAUD? Oh please, politicians talking about FRAUD! Now THAT is funny.

And if the VAST majority of US Citizens do not WANT Government run health care, why do we now have it????? Democracy? Afraid not. Not any more.

And just wait until Obama nationalizes all the illegals......U.S.A. one of the RICHEST COUNTRIES!!!!! Who are we kidding?

Let's just TAX the living hell out of anyone being productive and redistribute the wealth to those with their hands out. We'll fix this so called democracy, free enterprise system once and for all.


Last edited by drsarbes : 23rd March 2010 at 11:13 AM. Reason: spelling
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