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Dx of Subungual helomata??

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Old 2nd May 2012, 03:59 AM
guinue guinue is offline
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Default Dx of Subungual helomata??

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Hi. Everyone.

I am 2nd year Podiatry student

I am wondering if I ask the questions related to subjects, here in the section of forum.

If we suspect 'subungual helomata' with a painful big toe, what will be likely differential diagnosis of subungual helomata?

If subungual exostosis is one of them, how can we differentiate between these conditons?

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Old 3rd May 2012, 03:41 AM
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maxants33 maxants33 is offline
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Default Re: Dx of Subungual helomata??

Hi Guinue
Perhaps you should look in Merriman's assessment of the lower limb or Neale's disorders, they both have a lot of info on Dx-ing and DDing exostoses. If you google it too there is useful info also.
I'm a 1st year pod student and I use/read podarena quite a bit, but I usually only ask a question when I have exhausted all other avenues. There are many wise and knowledgeable users on podA who are available to answer questions, but in the spirit of teaching - they wont hand answers to you on a plate. If the answer is readily available in textbooks and many websites, then you will probably be expected to look there before before asking on Pod Arena. I found much useful info in Merriman's, Neale's, and even google - give it ago!
Hope that helps
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blinda (3rd May 2012)
Old 3rd May 2012, 10:44 AM
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Default Re: Dx of Subungual helomata??

Subungual exostosis, at least one large enough to cause symptoms, is very easily visualized on a lateral raised hallux radiograph.

Fellow American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons
Board Certified Foot & Ankle Surgery, ABPS
Adjunct Professor OCPM
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
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