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Dressing plantar wounds with foam dressings, is it too much pressure?

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Old 4th November 2011, 02:40 PM
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Default Dressing plantar wounds with foam dressings, is it too much pressure?

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Dressing plantar wounds with foam dressings, is it too much pressure?
Ryan Scott Causby, Sara Jones
Diabetic Foot & Ankle 2011, 2: 875
Diabetes and its associated complications have become a major concern locally, nationally and internationally. One such complication is lower extremity amputation, commonly preceded by chronic ulceration. The cause of this tissue breakdown is multi-faceted, but includes an increase in pressure, particularly plantar pressure. As such, the choice of dressing to be applied to a plantar wound should ideally not increase this pressure further. A commonly used and possibly more bulky dressing is the foam dressing. This pilot study investigates the plantar pressures associated with three common foam dressings (Allevyn® , Lyofoam® and Mepilex® ) compared with a control dressing (Melolin® ). Twelve healthy males and 19 females [SD] age 36.6 [10.4] were measured using the F-scan plantar pressure measurement system. Substantial variations in individual pressure changes occurred across the foot. No significant differences were identified, once a Bonferroni correction was applied. In healthy adults, it could be concluded that foam dressings do not have any effect on the plantar pressures of the foot. However, the need remains for a robust trial on a pathological population.
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Old 4th November 2011, 04:28 PM
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Default Re: Dressing plantar wounds with foam dressings, is it too much pressure?

Does anyone know a podiatrist that would use a dressing in isolation treating a plantar lesion? A nurse yes but a podiatrist???
NOT knocking nurses, been there in a past life, i've married a beautiful one, and a LOT of my friends are
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