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23rd November 2014 09:01 AM
Surbiton kingston upon thames private practice
Hi, Are you still looking for someone to take over your practice? If so I would be interested in more details. Many thanks, Helen (289 views, 2 replies)
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23rd November 2014 08:54 AM
Things you never want to hear from podiatry patients
I already tried everything (102,444 views, 637 replies)
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23rd November 2014 02:43 AM
Risk Factors for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Systematic Review
Reliability of measures of impairments associated with patellofemoral pain syndrome BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders OPEN ACCESS FULL TEXT (2,148 views, 6 replies)
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23rd November 2014 02:11 AM
Ben Goldacre : Unreported instances of negative data
netizens From Ben Goldacre https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKmxL8VYy0M When a new drug gets tested, the results of the trials should be published for the rest of the medical world, except much of... (135 views, 0 replies)
New Thread
23rd November 2014 12:56 AM
Looking for an internship in Dubai
HI everybody, I would like to do an internship in a clinic or hospital in Dubai, Abu dhabi, Qatar or Oman .... If somebody work in or already do this in that countries can you give me somes... (102 views, 0 replies)
New Post
22nd November 2014 10:08 PM
RCT of ingrown nail surgery techniques
Comparison of Wedge Resection (Winograd Procedure) and Wedge Resection Plus Complete Nail Plate Avulsion in the Treatment of Ingrown Toenails Jia-Zhang Huang, MD, Yi-Jun Zhang, MD, Xin Ma, MDemail,... (8,852 views, 13 replies)
New Post
22nd November 2014 10:05 PM
Osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot
Six- Versus Twelve-Week Antibiotic Therapy for Nonsurgically Treated Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis: A Multicenter Open-Label Controlled Randomized Study. Tone A, Nguyen S, Devemy F, Topolinski H,... (11,523 views, 48 replies)

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