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New Post
19th December 2014 11:04 AM
Clinical Trials Updates
A Study of the Impact of Head Position on Foot Pressure in Stance (60,328 views, 305 replies)
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Kevin Kirby
19th December 2014 10:53 AM
Progressive met adductus in 9 year old
Sounds like it's time for a consult with someone who knows more about foot function. (636 views, 14 replies)
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Craig Payne
19th December 2014 09:35 AM
Effect of bilateral self myofascial release on the plantar surface of the feet on...
How do you ruin a really well conducted and thought out research project? You do the wrong analysis! The authors of this study did a within groups analysis rather than a between group analysis! That... (122 views, 2 replies)
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Mark Russell
19th December 2014 08:15 AM
Merry Christmas Podiatry Arena!!
I don't do selfies or group photos or Christmas really, but here's an offering from Christmas Day a few years ago on the Aonoch Eagach Ridge above Glencoe - a fine day followed by an even better... (551 views, 14 replies)
New Thread
19th December 2014 12:42 AM
Update from Podiatry Arena
Podiatry Arena Community Bulletin For unsubscription information, please see the bottom of this email --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello... (11 views, 0 replies)
New Thread
18th December 2014 09:29 PM
Static and dynamic risk factors for overuse injury
Static foot posture as a risk factor for lower limb overuse injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis Neal BS, Griffiths IB, Dowling GJ, Murley GS, Munteanu SE, Franettovich Smith MM, Collins NJ... (144 views, 0 replies)
New Post
18th December 2014 08:45 PM
Platelet Rich Plasma for Musculoskeletal Conditions
Platelet-Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Patellar Tendinopathy A Systematic Review Alexander D. Liddle, BSc, MRCS and E. Carlos Rodríguez-Merchán, MD, PhD Am J Sports Med December 18, 2014 (5,463 views, 33 replies)
New Post
18th December 2014 08:37 PM
Cool Website on 3D Printing: The Future is Here!
Dog gets 3D printed legs (& I suppose feet of sorts)... & is now very happy :D uRmoowIN8aY (7,199 views, 33 replies)
New Post
18th December 2014 06:41 PM
Alteration in global motor strategy following lateral ankle sprain
Related Threads: Treatment of ankle sprains Functional ankle instability Immediate manipulation for ankle sprain Chronic Complaints After Ankle Sprains Prevention & Treatment of Ankle... (267 views, 1 replies)
New Post
18th December 2014 06:31 PM
Forefoot Varus Predicts Subtalar Hyperpronation
Related Threads: Other threads tagged with Forefoot varus Effect of Forefoot varus on eccentric hip torque The impact of Forefoot Varus Posting on 1st MTPJ Function Forefoot varus orthotic... (366 views, 4 replies)
New Post
18th December 2014 06:27 PM
Herbal medicines for diabetic foot ulcers
Related Thread: Chinese medicine and diabetic foot ulcers (120 views, 1 replies)
New Post
18th December 2014 06:13 PM
Sydney podiatrist defends claims of unsatisfactory conduct
Smartsoft has made this change in the latest upgrade. "CLINICAL NOTES - Added option to print the Last Modified date on Clinical Notes" (2,533 views, 32 replies)

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