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Foot Problems in Older People: Assessment and Management
Time Left: 3w, 4d Ad ID Number: 21 Views: 7066
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Product Description
This title is directed primarily towards health care professionals outside of the United States. Dr. Menz uses his detailed and extensive knowledge of the subject to provide a critique of the strengths and limitations of existing literature and to present in this easy-to-access volume a thoroughly practical, clinically orientated and evidence-based guide. The book provides a comprehensive guide to the assessment and management of foot and ankle problems in the elderly and older people. Areas covered include the epidemiology of foot problems, functional implications, assessment of the older person with foot problems, common foot problems and their management, foot and ankle manifestations of common systemic conditions, wound management, footwear and orthotic considerations, surgical considerations and outcome assessment. Each chapter provides a comprehensive and critical review of the literature as well as providing practical evidence-based guidelines for clinicians.

Many practical and evidence-based guidelines
* Comprehensive and critical review of literature
* Full colour throughout
* The only detailed book on the subject for podiatrists, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals
* Essential reading for podiatry students and practitioners

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Location: Cyberspace
Comments: 7
Posted By: Babs(0)
foot problems in older people, 20-02-11 17:16
Would like to read
Posted By: JaceB(0)
Foot Problems in Older People: Assessment and Management, 25-03-11 18:32
Where can I obtain a copy? Is it available at the La Trobe book store?
Posted By: komal malik(0)
14-07-11 05:12
how much is it
Posted By: goolam(0)
Mr Goolam, 02-03-12 00:06
Hi my fellow podiatrists...hope to learn more from the team.
Posted By: podders(0)
Foot problems in older people, 08-05-13 20:27
I can recommend this book. Easy read,we'll laid out and fairly comprehensive.
Posted By: jokell54(0)
is this for sale, and if so, how much please?, 21-09-13 03:07
Is this for sale, and if so, how much please, including postage (UK)
Posted By: dottiekat(0)
Book availability, 01-02-15 20:59
I found this book but it is expensive - apparently it is out of print at the moment.
Anyone fancy contacting the publishers or authors for a re-print ?

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