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» Buy Admin a Beer
Podiatry Arena staff need your support

Pociatry Arena costs money to run. These costs include software licencing; hosting costs; bandwidth costs; custom software modifications; subscription to news services and other alerting services; some money gets spent on advertising; etc. The advertsising on the site just covers these costs.

None of the staff nor the bionic posters get paid. For more information on 'life behind the scenes', see this thread: A Day in the Life of Admin

We are asking your support to say thanks to these people for their efforts. Buy Admin a beer and it will be shared with the staff and bionic posters when ever thay get together (usually at a conference). This is a business expense and tax deductible (its billed as buying a service from Podiatry Arena - ie access to the Supporters Forum)

The price for this is currently USD$2.54 (AUD$2.95; GBP£1.37) as that the price for the James Boags Premium Lage that Admin is currently partial to.
This is set up as a monthly payment automatically using PayPal.

What do you get for buying Admin a beer:
1. The satification of knowing you have said thank you to the people who help make Podiatry Arena what it is (staff and bionic posters)
2. Access to a Supporters forum (this is not visible until payment is made for the beer). Some unique content not accessible to others will be made available on this forum.

To say thank you and join the Supporters Forum, payment is made via My Account > Paid Subscriptions

See discussion on this here
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