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Welcome to the Podiatry Arena forums, for communication between foot health professionals about podiatry and related topics.

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» Podiatry News
All the Podiatry related news breaks first here on Podiatry Arena.

Podiatry Arena has in place systems to monitor a whole range of sources for the latest news relevant to Podiatry.

We have threads devoted to automatic updates of the latest:
Latest Rheumatology News (from ScienceDaily)
Latest Top Health Care News Stories (from CNN)
Latest Dermatology News (from ScienceDaily)
Latest Sports Medicine News (from ScienceDaily)
Latest Diabetes Medicine Research & News (from ScienceDaily)
American Medical News (from the American Medical Association)
United Kingdom Health Care News (from the BBC)
Australia Health Care News (from the ABC)

As new drugs are announced, they are listed in the New Drugs thread. As new podiatry and lower limb related clinical trials are registered, they are posted in the Clinical Trials Update thread.

We also have all the latest on Podiatry Conferences and discussion on them, as well as listings of all events from around the world.

We publish the table of contents for all the latest podiatry and related journals:
Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association | Clinics in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery | Foot and Ankle Clinics | Foot and Ankle Specialist | Foot and Ankle Surgery | Diabetic Foot Journal | Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery | The Foot | Podiatry Today | Foot & Ankle International

As new patents get awarded we publish them. We also interview the newsmakers, researchers and opinion leaders.

We report stories when podiatrists make the news for the wrong reasons (Podiatrists behaving badly) and the right reasons (Promoting podiatry).

Press releases get published. News from each country gets reported.

A whole range of journals and other sources are monitored for new research relevant to podiatry and posted in the relevant forum.

We also pull in from eBay all the latest podiatry related items: eBay USA;
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